Thursday, August 3, 2017


Eek! So much has happened...I know I always say that, but it's true! Graham graduated from Nursing School (woohoo!!!), landed his first job as a nurse (woohoo!!!), and we moved to a new apartment (woohoo!!!). So...yeah...lots and lots of transitioning for us. I thought I'd take a bit to fill you in on the details and how everything's going in case you were curious. :)

Graham's Transitions

Graham graduated from Nursing School at the beginning of May. It was such an exciting time! We both felt like school had been our life for so long (...our entire marriage) that we were more than ready to have him finish. We had a graduation party at the park for him and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and spent time with family and friends. It was a beautiful day and we were so grateful to everyone that was able to make it.

Then came the interviews. Graham applied and interviewed at several places, eventually accepting a job in the ICU of a hospital. It wasn't his top pick for hospital, but he wanted to be in the ICU. Then, a couple weeks later (before his start date), a spot opened up in the ICU at the hospital that was his top choice. He applied, interviewed, and subsequently accepted a job in that department. We feel so incredibly blessed! It did, however, make for an awkward conversation with the hospital he had initially accepted the job with. (It's very clear in all of nursing that it's "at will" employment, so it wasn't a big deal to take another job after accepting that one. We were grateful the new job opened up before he started the other one though!) The snag that came with this job was that they didn't accept temporary licenses, so Graham would need to take the NCLEX (nursing boards) before he could start work. With the timing of everything, that essentially gave Graham 2 weeks before he needed to take the biggest test of his life, hah. Annnnnd in those two weeks we were moving and spending a week in San Antonio for a wedding...yep. But, Graham is smart and used the time he had to study like crazy. He took the NCLEX, passed (woohoo!!) and started his new job :) He has been in the ICU for 6 weeks now and is loving it. He's learning so much and still can't believe that he landed his dream job right out of school. God has been good to us :)

Graham will be switching to nights in two weeks! That will be another transition for sure.

New Apartment 

We moved in order to be closer to Graham's work, and I am so glad we did! We were sad to leave friends, but being 5 minutes from work instead of 35 is so nice. Especially when those work days are ending at 8pm and little girls want to see their Daddy!

We are feeling settled into our new apartment. We moved on Memorial Day, 2017, and were blessed to have friends from church help us load (and then unload) the U-Haul. Loading took 45 minutes and unloading took an hour! Our new apartment is upstairs, so we were particularly grateful for the help unloading. My parents were able to come up that weekend to help as well, and my mom pretty much cleaned our old apartment while I took care of Elaina! We had Graham's parents watch Evie (she stayed the night at their house the night before) which was helpful too! Pro packing tip: Label. Heh. I found these labels via Pinterest and printed the ones that applied. Everyone that helped, particularly with unloading, commented on how well-organized our move was.

After a few days of unpacking like mad, we headed to San Antonio for Graham's cousin's wedding. Evie was the flower girl, and we had a blast! After returning home, I finished unpacking and getting everything organized. Some family members have been asking for pictures, so I snapped some a couple days ago.

Girls' Room:

Our Room:

Living Room:

Evie took this one :) 

View of kitchen from hallway, showing pantry and bathroom doors

 Pantry (walk-in, which I love!!!) and Bathroom

Hallway (first door on left is pantry, second is bathroom. Evie's standing in our bedroom, and the girls' bedroom is at the end of the hall on the right)

We love how close we are to our church and the park/bike trail. We also love the pool and playground at our apartment complex. This apartment is slightly smaller but feels larger. It has a vaulted ceiling, and the cabinets, doors, and carpet are lighter in color than our previous apartment.


I don't think a post would be complete without some pictures of Evie and Elaina and a little bit about what they have been up to recently. I considered doing a separate post for this, but who am I kidding? That would take me another 3 months to get to most likely ;)

Elaina: I cannot believe this baby girl is 6 months old now! She has her checkup next week. (If I remember I'll come back and edit this to include her height/weight.) She is the happiest little baby around and is so so smiley all the time. Getting a laugh out of her takes work though. Evie says "she's been playing! um, rolling back off her tummy. Oh! We forgot to pick up her toys!" When I asked "What else has she been doing?" Evie replied "Not anything else." She started sitting up for more than just a couple seconds at a time a few days shy of the 6 month mark. She has also started eating! So exciting. Although I do miss not having to clean the floor and highchair...*sigh* So far she has tried pancake, strawberry, watermelon, peach/nectarine, carrot, noodles, bacon, and venison. She has also started to learn how to drink water from a straw. Elaina was so ready to be eating and loves it. She got the concept down faster than Evie did. She was sick for the first time with a fever and cough/congestion. One night when she was sick she coughed so much it made her throw up :( She is over it now thankfully and is sleeping well again.

Evie: My Evie girl is getting smarter by the day. Not only does she cart a little chair to anywhere in the apartment so she can reach/climb up, but she also comes up with really creative solutions to problems. I love seeing her little toddler (soon to be full on preschooler) brain work. We read books like crazy, and she loves reading books to Elaina in turn. Recently her favorite toys to play with are blocks. She often makes birthday cakes, monster houses, and monster bridges. She continues to be my good little helper. She is quick to get a toy for Elaina, grab a burp cloth for me if it's out of my reach, and give lots of hugs and kisses to her baby sister. Evie says "I'm fixing my boat" (she's playing with blocks now) "This boat is falling apart. There we go! My boat is fixed. Oh! I maked a new boat! Blue and green and little green." She then proceeded to make some boat sounds as she took it around the living room. Her imagination has really taken flight. She has been searching for monsters with her flashlight lately. And apparently there's a tiger that likes to frequent her room. Several times this past week she will close the door to her room as she comes out saying "The tiger was coming!" Said tiger has also bitten her toes. :)


May as well throw in a bit for me too. I've been reading as my main hobby. I'm on the last book in The Wheel of Time and loving it. I was just called to serve as Secretary in our Primary (children's organization at church) and am so excited! A friend shared this blog post a few days ago and it is all I can think about lately. Such a great read for all of the other moms out there! Seriously every single time I feel myself getting frustrated, this pops back into my head. I'm certainly not perfect, but I am working really hard to improve myself in light of that thinking. I've also subscribed to the Proverbs 31 Ministry newsletter--I take a few minutes to read the devotional each morning and it is helping me stay centered.

Evie has asked that I "stop typing" so I'm signing off to play carousel ride with her and the blocks.

xoxo, Marissa

Monday, May 1, 2017

Potty Training!

Eek! We took the leap and decided to potty train Evie. Originally we were going to wait longer (read: once Elaina was on a more consistent schedule and going to sleep on her own), but Evie had a friend who was wearing Frozen panties and she wanted in on that action! I thought I would share some of my thoughts from the past couple of weeks. I kept an ongoing journal throughout the process, so I wouldn't have to worry about remembering details. We did the "potty train in a weekend" method that you can research if you're interested. It's worked well! Our only main problem now (start of Evie's third week in panties) is that Evie wants to be independent and take care of everything herself...which means that today as I was nursing Elaina and Graham was getting something to eat, I heard the toilet flush...Graham's investigation revealed a very poopy mess of an Evie girl. The poor thing was trying to take care of it all by herself and never once said anything to us! (And she had already pooped three times this morning, so we weren't expecting another.)

I can't believe my little girl is so big!

Here's what we used:
-small toilet seat (ordered from Amazon)
-step stool (ordered from Amazon)
-underwear (Disney Princesses and Frozen)
-stickers and sticker chart (used the printable charts from this site)
-juice (Day 1...after that she was over the novelty of it and I wasn't going to force her to drink)
-videos (incentive for pooping on the toilet; she gets to watch a short video, often a Disney song or LDS Bible Video)

The main key was being persistent and always having eyes on Evie! The majority of her accidents happen when I am otherwise engaged with Elaina (nursing, changing diaper, putting down for a nap, etc.). We are still learning and improving each day. I do have to remember, however, to not take it personally whenever Evie has an accident. I have to remind myself that I'm not a failure as a mother because of it and that sometimes we all have hard days. And she's only two. I often have to say that to myself... "she's only two, she's only two..."

Day 1-Monday 4/17 
Evie was so excited to wear her new panties. She picked out a pair after sitting on the toilet when she woke up. I set the timer initially for 15min. The first few times she was excited to go sit on the toilet, but quickly she would say "no!" when then timer went off. She would still come with me after a little prompting though. It's 9:30am right now and we have had 2 accidents. Both times she yelled "I going pee-pee Mommy!" The first time she had already finished but I still carried her to the toilet. The second time she recognized it faster and when I said "okay Evie! Stop going pee pee!" She was able to and I carried her to the bathroom. I sat her on the toilet and said "okay, Evie, you can finish going now!" And she did! After peeing in the toilet I set the timer for 30min. We bought apple juice for her to be drinking and we had goldfish for her morning snack. We'll be doing salty snacks to encourage her to drink more. That way she will have more opportunities to be successful! 

Our first success! We've had another couple of accidents (including poop on the carpet while I was putting Elaina down for a nap) but Evie peed on the toilet! She had just sat to try and didn't go, but I noticed she was shifting her weight around so I asked "do you need to go pee pee Evie?" As she started to say no, she put her hand down between her legs so I scooped her up and brought her to the toilet and she peed! Woohoo! 

Originally I planned to keep Evie in underwear for her nap, but I chickened out and put her in a diaper today. Normally if she pees right before her nap she will wake up with a dry diaper; however, I've been pumping her full of liquids today. She was okay with putting a diaper on, but she did ask if she could wear panties. I told her right when she woke up from nap she could and that seemed fine by her.

Evie woke up from her nap with a dry diaper! As soon as she woke up I took her straight to the bathroom, and she peed on the toilet! She was still a little dazed from just waking up, but she got excited to put a sticker on her chart. 

Only one accident all afternoon! We kept Evie naked (well, she had a shirt on) per the recommendation of a friend and it seems to have worked. I'm pretty exhausted but am looking forward to tomorrow to see how things go. Graham will be home so hopefully we can keep eyes on Evie at all times. (75% of her accidents occurred while I was nursing Elaina or putting her down for a nap and couldn't help Evie as quickly.) 

I let her pick out which charts she wanted.
Day 2-Tuesday 4/18 
Evie just went to the bathroom all by herself! I've been setting the timer for 30min today. She went once on the toilet earlier this morning, but she hasn't been wanting to drink much (even with my suggestions of fun things like juice). I just had her sit and she didn't go. I went into the bedroom to put away some laundry and I hear an excited Evie shouting "I go pee pee Mommy! I go pee pee!!" And I immediately thought "oh great, of course right when I walk out of the room." But then she comes running out of her bathroom! She got some on her step stool, but she knew she needed to go and all on her own ran in there and went to the bathroom! Woohoo!!!!! 

No accidents so far today! Three successful trips to the bathroom to pee (one of which was when she went on her own this morning). She is napping right now (I put her in a diaper since she didn't go right before her nap) and we are hoping for a good afternoon as well! We pulled out some different stickers for her chart today and she has asked a couple of times to try to pee because she wants to use those stickers. 

Another dry diaper upon waking up from nap! Went to sit right when she woke up and she peed. 

Doing great still! Around 3pm Evie went to her closet and grabbed a pair of her underwear and put them on. I told her that she needed to keep Elsa and Anna dry and she said "okay Mommy!" Just before 4pm I was helping Elaina (rocking her back to sleep, poor thing) while keeping an eye on Evie in her room as much as possible. I saw her grab between her legs so I said "Evie, go to the toilet! Hold your pee pee in!" As she ran to the bathroom I put Elaina back in her bassinet and went to assist Evie. 

Day 2 is complete! Absolutely no accidents today!! Woohoo!!! Three times she self-initiated going to the bathroom. She has been so excited to put stickers on her chart and has been great at keeping her panties dry! Looking forward to a good day tomorrow, including a trip out...fingers crossed that it is a success. She did such a great job today, but I've found that I am super jumpy. Like anytime she stares off into space for a second or shifts her weight on her legs, I ask "Evie, do you need to go pee pee??" Here's to hoping I get better adjusted to her using the bathroom too! 

We ended up using all four on the site.

Day 3-Wednesday 4/19 
I've been setting the timer for 1 hour today. The first two times it went off Evie peed on the toilet! Around 10am she didn't need to go, but I could tell she was concentrating and trying to pee. Just now she ran out of the room suddenly and Graham and I both thought she was running to see him (he was in the bathroom brushing his teeth). I heard her stool clatter a little bit though so I set Elaina down and ran in to help her. She was standing on her stool trying to sit on her toilet seat. There was some poop on the bathroom floor and some on the toilet seat. I'm so proud of her for recognizing that she needed to poop and making it all the way to the bathroom. If we had known what was happening I bet we could have gotten it all in the toilet because we could have helped her on a little faster than she could go on her own. (Plus poop is way easier to clean off that floor than carpet! Haha) 

She woke up wet from nap today. I figured that would be the case since she hadn't peed since 9:30am. We've made our first outing in the car! We came to Graham's parents house so we had Evie try to pee before we left and she did! And just a little bit ago she told us she needed to go and she pooped on the toilet. 

Another good day! Tonight after bath she had a partial accident. I say partial because she realized she needed to go, told me, and we got to the toilet for her to finish going. She got her panties wet but nothing got on the floor! I am so proud of her and love how great she is doing! Tomorrow we will be driving in the car all day so I'm going to put her in a diaper. Each time we stop (about every 3 hours so I can nurse Elaina) we will have her sit and try to pee. 

Evie volunteered to drive the next leg.

Day 4-Thursday 4/20 (Travel) 
Our day traveling day is going well so far. We are on the road again after stopping for lunch. Evie had a dry diaper this morning when we stopped and she peed at the gas station! Before we had stopped she said "I need a diaper change, Mommy." Since she was dry I think she was realizing she needed to go. When we stopped for lunch she said "I'm going pee pee Mommy." Cinda took her to the bathroom and she finished going there. She hadn't gone much in her diaper! Shortly afterward she said she needed to go again, so Cinda took her, but nothing came of that. Then again, right when she got back she said "I need poo poo!" And took off running toward the bathroom. This time I set Elaina down from feeding her and went with Evie. We weren't quick enough to get it in the toilet, but I'm glad she is still recognizing what is happening and telling me. 

Evie did great all afternoon and we arrived at our final destination with a dry diaper! She peed each time we stopped and before we had dinner. After dinner she went upstairs to play with Graham's cousins and I stayed downstairs to talk. I went to get her to get her ready for bed and she was already coming down the stairs saying "I know where the bathroom is. I already know where the bathroom is, Mommy." I asked if she needed to go and she said "I already poo poo Mommy." I wasn't super thrilled at having to clean out her underwear, but I'm glad she came to find me right away. She did poop a little bit more on the toilet, so that's something! 

Day 5-Friday, 4/21
Evie has done great all day! She has peed and pooped on the toilet, even telling me on her own once that she needed to go. She just had an accident. I went to get her again to use the bathroom and she was wet, but thankfully nothing was on the floor. I think she was having so much fun playing in Sophia's playroom that she didn't even think about it. Normally she is really good at telling me she goes, but this time she didn't. 

One more accident today, while she was playing out in the backyard. However, she stayed dry while we were in the car for about an hour and she even fell asleep. First thing when we got inside I brought her to the bathroom and she went! 

Asleep in the car, but thankfully dry!

Day 6-Saturday, 4/22
Evie went to the bathroom this morning when she woke up and only had a little in her diaper. Just now I was coming back from brushing my teeth and I saw her spreading her legs wide so I scooped her up. Didn't make it to the toilet in time for her to poop there. Oh well, accidents happen! And I know while we are in other homes and out of our normal routine that they will be more frequent than if we were home. Especially this early in her journey! 

Another success. Another accident. This time pee. I had just sat down on the couch to nurse Elaina and I hear Evie from the bathroom going "I pee pee Mommy!" So I called for Cinda to get to her to help. She had finished going, but I'm glad she remembered to go to the bathroom and to tell me she needed help. Baby steps! 

I only packed two extra pairs of underwear with us today, so she is in a diaper now because I had one of those in the bag. It's just been such a busy busy day and I've been trying to get her to sit. She just hasn't been going when I take her! 

Day 7-Sunday 4/23
Evie is doing great today! She peed right when she woke up and only had a little in her nighttime diaper. Before we left for church I had her try, as well as right when we got to church. I took her again 30min later because she still hadn't peed since first thing after waking up. Right after I took her and got back, she said "I need to go potty, Mommy." I picked her up and brought her to the toilet and she peed! So proud! About 5 min later she said the same thing to me, so (trying not to roll my eyes) I took her again. She pooped! Woohoo! She peed again when we got home from church. We went to nursery for a little bit, then came back to Mama and Papa's house to pack and get ready for our afternoon. 

Week 2: 
Monday: We started off this week with another day of travel. Evie went the the bathroom first thing, had a diaper on for the car ride and pooped on the toilet when we made our first stop in the morning! 

Tuesday: Evie is doing great on our first day back home. She is getting so much better at knowing when she needs to go and telling us. It's nap time now and no accidents so far! 

Friday: Only one accident yesterday and two (half) accidents today. Evie has been in panties for nap time since we've been home and she has woken up dry from her nap each day! The past two nights she has cried about having to wear a diaper, screaming "I wear panties!!" repeatedly. I'm not ready to tackle night time potty training just yet though. 


All in all, it has been a good (and tiring) experience. I'm so proud of her for all the success she has had thus far and I look forward to the day (it's got to come relatively soon, right??) when I can make it without jumping every time she crosses her legs or shifts her weight from foot to foot. Baby steps. The only time she has peed during nap time was one of the very first days and she was in a diaper. After Day 3 she has worn panties for her nap and always wakes up dry! Although, I am nervous about letting her take a longer nap than normal (1.5 hours) because I'm afraid she'll pee!

Any words of wisdom for caring for a baby while trying to help a toddler use the bathroom on the toilet?? I'm open to suggestions!

xoxo, Marissa

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Daily Life Update #7

Disclaimer: I wrote this blog post over the course of probably 2 weeks. That means every time I say "today," "the past few days," (or anything else of the sort) it could have been the day before this posting, or nearly 2 weeks ago. For some previous Daily Life Updates you can click on the "Daily Life Update" label at the end of this post, or use one of these links (#6 and #5). 

As I write this portion, it's 3am and Elaina is fighting going back to sleep. Most nights she falls right asleep and I'm able to quickly go back to sleep myself. It seems she knew I was going to comment on how thankful I am for her great sleep habits (which I attribute partially to my efforts and the rest to her being a darling angel) and had to exercise a bit of defiance ;) 

The past few days have been amazing for her sleep. For nearly every nap as well as going down for the night, she has fallen asleep incredibly well. After swaddling  and singing her a song, I place her in the bassinet. Previously, she would fall asleep on her own occasionally. Most times I would come back in, pick her up and rock her to sleep (often taking only a minute or two) because she would start crying. For any given nap, that could happen several times before she was finally able to stay asleep for longer than a minute or two. For the past few days I would say that 75% of the time, she has fallen asleep without needing any extra help from me! Crossing fingers and saying prayers that this will last, but I am certainly enjoying every moment in case it doesn't! 

Elaina is very patient with Evie's help and love. She is such a happy, chill baby! I love her smiles so so much. She started smiling consistently right at 6 weeks old. She has had her first laugh! It was bath time and Evie poured water on Elaina's tummy and she chuckled. Graham was there at the time, but I had stepped out of the bathroom to get pjs ready for the girls. I can't wait to hear her laugh! 

Elaina is growing too fast! She is already outgrowing some of her 0-3 mo sleepers and onesies. She is so long! At her 2 month appointment she was 23.75in long and weighed 13lbs 14.5oz! That's 93% for girls her age. (Evie was 22in and 11lbs 13oz at 2 mo)

We did her baby blessing at church on April 9, 2017. My parents, sister, and Graham's parents were able to attend. (For a little more info on what a baby blessing is, look here under "The Blessing of Children.) 

Evie continues to enjoy being a big sister. I have to watch to make sure she doesn't try to pick Elaina up or roll her over to give her "tummy time." (Both of which have occurred.) Evie still loves doing tummy time with Elaina, and will often have her toys do tummy time as well. She cries/whines whenever I put Elaina down for a nap. She wants her to stay awake so they can play! Evie will sit next to Elaina and talk to her. My absolute favorite is when Evie will read to her. Yesterday Evie had a stack of books and sat down next to Elaina. Evie put some of the books by Elaina for "her to read" and then Evie had the remainder. She will also bring me a book and say "read this to Elaina, mommy. And Evie. To both us." 

Thankfully, we have made it through the 2 1/2 month phase of coming out of her room each night multiple times before finally falling asleep (naked at her door I might add). Occasionally she will come out now, but when she does it's only once or twice (not 10...followed by our locking her door) and then she'll go to sleep. One of the things we added to her nighttime routine was to spend a little more time talking with her about her day. After the rest of her bedtime routine is complete (family scripture study and prayer, story, bathroom, personal prayer, song) we set her in bed and then remind her of all the fun we had that day. It is great to hear her talk about her day and to see what stuck out the most to her. Then as we (Graham and I take turns on her bedtime, one of us will read her story and the other does the rest, then we trade off the following night) give her one last kiss goodnight, we ask "is there anything else you want to tell me before I say goodnight?" Let me tell you, this is fantastic! I read a blog post about asking your child that question before bed and I love doing this. Her responses have included: "Evie want to see Jesus." "I have good day today!" "Evie have one more snuggle?" 

Today before I put Evie to bed for her nap, she started talking about storms. It has been storming recently and Evie is not a fan of the thunder and lightning. At least when she is in her room at night. She's fine when she is with us. I told her one night that she could pray to Heavenly Father if she woke up and felt scared and that He could help her. So today she was talking about storms and then she said "Heavenly Father keep Evie safe from the storms." I hadn't talked with her about that since I had said it. She has such a good memory and I love seeing how she is learning and connecting things. 

The other day Evie grabbed a little hymn book, came to sit on the couch and asked "come read scriptures with me, Mommy?" Melted my heart! I try to read my scriptures sometimes when she is awake and I'll ask her if she wants to sit on the couch and read with me. I loved having her ask me to join her. Absolutely precious. 


We've been listening to the soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast recently. (Disney has put all the songs on YouTube) Evie is learning them and singing along, and I love it! My favorite is that she will sing the "silly girl" lines in the song "Belle." At first she would crack up laughing during that part every time we listened to the song, and now she sings along. ("Be still, my heart, I'm hardly breathing. He's such a tall, dark, strong and handsome brute.") She even sings it in a high pitched voice! 


Graham is finishing up with nursing school! This semester he is taking courses in Critical Care and Pediatrics. He has loved his clinical rotation this semester. Graduation is in May and he could not be more excited. The end is in sight now and it's so exciting! He has applied for a few positions and is currently going through the interview process. We appreciate all the prayers we've received on his behalf and humbly ask that you keep sending them our way. 

Graham has recently gotten back into running and working out more. He is surprised that medium shirts now fit snugly and he is actually fitting into some larges! His typical run that he'll do is 4 miles long, but he does some longer ones and has started doing a bit of interval training on the treadmill after he lifts weights. 

I thought I would give a status update on my goals for the year (see this post for my 2017 goals). 

I just finished reading my 6th book this year, which puts me right on track for my goal of 24 books. Only one of those was nonfiction, but I have two or three in mind that I know I want to read soon. I just finished book 10 in The Wheel of Time (there are 14 in the series) and I am reading a graphic novel, White Sand, by Brandon Sanderson before I start on Book 11. 

I have started running! It helps that our Young Women fundraiser was a 5K. It was scheduled for 3 weeks after I had my postpartum checkup, so it didn't leave any time for me to talk myself into delaying. I've been running 2 or 3 times each week, building up my strength and stamina each run. I've also been doing some workouts at home another 1-2 times each week (videos on YouTube for arm or leg workouts along with some cardio dance songs). I came in first for the women in the 5K (Graham came in second for the men). 

I'm doing really well on my treat days being every other day. As I mentioned in my last post, I basically took the month of February "off" and just ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Starting back in March I went to every other day for treats. For April I am scaling back to three days per week (MWF for the most part, but I'm keeping it flexible with my schedule and will alter it slightly while still keeping it to just three days). Treats every other day meant one week it would be 3 times, the next 4 times. So I'm inching closer to my goal of two treat days a week. 

Having dates twice a month is going pretty well too. In January both dates were out, for February and March we had one date out and one date at home to meet our goal. In March we went and saw the new Beauty and the Beast and we plan to see it again for a date in April. Graham and I both loved it and cannot say enough good things about it! Seeing it made me realize just how much I miss seeing musicals. 
On Pinterest a suggested pin was this picture. Love it!!!
"Staying sane." Hmm... how am I doing on this one?? Hahaha. Things are going really well. Like I said, Elaina is sleeping better than I anticipated. That is definitely helping and has allowed me to get things done around the house (some). Most days I let my expectations lower and just enjoy the small moments with my girls. Everything else can wait another day. Except dishes. I always get the dishes done (or Graham will help out and do them for me if it's been a particularly long day). I think taking the time in the middle of the day when their naps overlap to read (or take a short nap myself) has been monumental in my ability to feel rested and sane. Like I said, housework can wait.

I made it a goal to attend the temple at least once with Graham. This will most likely take place much later in the year, once Elaina isn't nursing quite as often.

Love you all and hope you have a Happy Easter! We are enjoying teaching Evie about Easter more this year.

xoxo, Marissa