Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Days

It's February! The month in Arkansas that normally lends itself to cold weather for us. These most recent snow/freezing rain/sleet days however, are not the first of their kind for this winter season. In fact, if I didn't get out of my college classes for them, I would be sick of them! But the cold weather was good for a couple of things. First and foremost being homemade cinnamon rolls. Delicious. My friend Mary shared the recipe from Our Best Bites and I decided that since they seemed so easy, they would make the perfect snow day breakfast! Boy was I right. Those things were tasty! I rolled them a little bit thin so we had 16 cinnamon rolls. Only one survived until today (I saved it to have with breakfast). Perfect snow day breakfast, snack, dessert for lunch, and FHE treat! They were great. I totally recommend this recipe in case anyone still had doubts. The best part is (other than the taste and delicious icing of course) that they just rise once, and for 30 minutes! Best recipe ever.

The rest of my day was filled with reading (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix currently), watching Sherlock and 30 Rock with my awesome husband, and then watching Elder Bednar's talk from this past General Conference, The Windows of Heaven. Great way to end the evening!

For day 2 of our snow adventure we actually traversed outside for a couple of minutes. Yesterday we stayed nice and bundled up with our rice packs warming our cold little toes. It wasn't fun to play in today as far as snow goes, but that did not stop us from taking the icicles off the car and throwing them at each other like javelins! (Graham started it)

Our car and scooter, covered in sleet/ice

 Unfortunately Graham still had to go into work today at 2pm, leaving me all by myself for the rest of the day. I am caught up (ahead even?) on homework and projects, the apartment is clean and laundry/dishes are done, and everyone else is snuggling with their hubbies so what's a poor girl like me left to do??? Drink hot cocoa, read OOTP, and watch movies all night long (Princess Bride? Bend it like Beckham? Mean Girls? My Best Friends Wedding? The possibilities are endless)

Well, goodbye world. I'm about to spend the afternoon in the world of Harry Potter. I'm only telling you since, you know, I must not tell lies.

Until next time,

From Marissa, with love