Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break--the good and the bad

Today was the Hogeye race. Originally, Graham and I were both going to run the marathon. Unfortunately, after some knee problems both of us had to take some time off of running to give our bodies the chance to heal. After taking about a month and a half off, I decided that I could run the half-marathon instead. Graham, however, needed to take extra time off. His sights are now set on the Arkansas Marathon that takes place in Booneville, AR at the beginning of October. So, back to me. During the month of March I trained for the 13.1 mile race that seemed attainable, yet challenging for me. Graham was going to come watch me to cheer me on, and today was going to be a great day! I was also going to dedicate this run to Heidi, one of my sister's best friends from Elementary School who died one year ago. I even borrowed my sister's "Faith Hope Heidi" shirt to wear for the race.

All of this must not have been meant to me for me at this time, however. I woke up at 3:30 am burning up and with a massive headache. I drank some water and Graham took my temperature. I was still running a fever even though I had just gulped down a ton of water. I cried as I realized it meant that I would not be able to run the race today. But Graham is wonderful. He helped me keep things in perspective. Sometimes, it's not running the race that makes the most difference, it's the training and the person you become as you do those things. I definitely am healthier and in better shape than I was six months ago. That's what I need to be focusing on right now. I've learned more about myself and how far I can push my body. I have been blessed with a healthy body and the ability to run! I don't always go fast, and some workouts seem to kill me, but they are always worth it. I discovered through all of this that running is actually a talent that I have been given. And talents need to be developed in order to help me grow and be strengthened, both physically and spiritually. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. Anything except maybe not being sick today and being able to run the race. Hah. But what is done is done. I will keep exercising and running and one day, I will run a marathon. I haven't given up on that goal yet. It just might be a little further out than what I was initially anticipating.

In other news, Spring Break was wonderful. We headed out a couple days early in order to go visit my family down in central AR while my sister Michelle was here to visit with her adorable youngest son, Peter (he'll be 2 in July). Time with family always goes by far too quickly. There was lots of train track building, Candyland playing, and keeping the dog from licking Peter's face. We also had a picnic lunch with Grandma Davis and played at the park with Peter. But seriously, the picnic was fantastic. Grandma made rolls and had meat/cheese/condiments for sandwiches, potato salad and deviled eggs, meatloaf, bbq chicken, and beans, pickles, pretzels, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, and bottled water, juice, and root beer! It was awesome. She made all of the food just for the picnic with us. She is an incredible woman. Then, as part of a project for my Social Work With Elders class, I had the opportunity to interview Grandma about her childhood and how she feels now. She might be 86 but she is still very active and doesn't think of herself as old!

Yummy picnic lunch with Grandma!

Playing trains with this cutie before heading back home 

All of the girls (plus Peter). All in our pj's still except Michelle

Graham and I also had the opportunity to go to the Memphis TN Temple with my mom while we were there, and we were able to spend some time with my friends April and Olivia and their fiancés before we headed back on Sunday night last week. This past week was full of paper writing and work for me. It was a great opportunity to get ahead on some of the things that I have to do for school for April! Only four weeks left (and then finals) of school this semester. I can't believe it. Only 21 hours stand between me and graduation! (6 for this summer and then 15 for the fall) 

I'm still in the midst of finishing up the Harry Potter series. In the middle of Deathly Hallows now. It's great to reread them to catch little nuances. Plus, I don't feel too bad if I don't have time to read for a week if I am busy with school. If I were reading a book for the first time I wouldn't be able to stand going that long between chapters! I'll leave you with this image. It's one of my favorite parts of this book and I read it again yesterday. "There was the sound of pattering feet, a blaze of shining copper, an echoing clang, and a shriek of agony: Kreacher had taken a run at Mundungus and hit him over the head with a saucepan." I also love when Kreacher says afterwards "Perhaps just one more, Master Harry, for luck?" He's the best. If you can get around his rough edges anyway. 

Until we meet again,
From Marissa, with love. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bright Days Ahead

So the weather has been wonderful! I will be eating my words tomorrow when it is 40 and there is a wind advisory. OH WELL. The past couple of days have been amazing! Except for some icky cold/sinus stuff that Graham and I have. The past couple of nights I have slept 10+ hours each night. It's insane! Graham is waking up and getting out of bed before I have been. That's a first for sure! I'm trusting my body and trying to take it easy though, I must be needing that sleep for some reason!

This weather is exactly what I needed though. I am hitting a mid-semester slump for sure. No doubt about it. I am lacking the will power to get up for my 8:30 am class. Missed it twice in the past two weeks. That is also very uncharacteristic of me. Luckily Spring Break is just around the corner. I am excited to be able to go visit my family (and added bonus, my older sister Michelle will be down with her cute little almost 2-year-old!) during that time. Spoiler alert: I will also be working on projects and papers that week. May as well do something useful during that time. Hopefully I can get some hours in at work as well. I feel like such a bum for not working on a regular basis this semester.


Last night I surprised Graham with a picnic dinner when he got home from work. I just had to be outside in the beautiful sunshine! Also, walking between my classes is far more enjoyable now. I do not miss the cold wind in my face while power walking to get all the way across campus for my next class. The sun is much better. Especially when it is in the mid 70s. Quite pleasant. There are bright days in my future. I've just got this feeling.

And my nerd world seemed to align with my feelings of bright, happy days. I just read the chapter in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince where Harry takes the Felix Felicis potion. Who can't be happy when thinking of this?

As always,

From Marissa, with love.