Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our "Camping" Trip

So you'll notice I put camping in quotes. That's because we didn't really camp. (To me it doesn't qualify if there is no tent involved!) Graham's parents recently bought some property out in the middle of nowhere (but luckily somewhat close to us) and we decided to go out there this weekend. The property has a building on it so we stayed the night in it on an actual bed (although I will be glad to sleep on my bed tonight!) We left Friday after work and made it out by 7:45 pm. Luckily we still had a little bit of time before the sun had completely set!

View as the sun was setting
I built the fire (no gasoline needed, since I'm not a boy scout) as Graham unloaded the car and got the meat ready. We brought up a little grill to cook our venison on. Graham did an amazing job cooking it!

Check out that great fire! And the pretty sky :)

Graham the cook! 
The only unfortunate part was waiting for the coals to be ready and then having the patience to let it cook all of the way. Thankfully I had some foresight and we snacked on chips while we waited. We also may or may not have had dessert first and had some s'mores and roasted marshmallows before eating "dinner." 

Blurry, but look at the tasty meat! SO juicy and delicious!
We were able to enjoy the view of the stars as we had dinner, and it was perfectly chilly outside on Friday night. Great for a campfire! After eating dinner, I had to have a couple more marshmallows (duh). I also could not let the night go by without having a shut-er-up-er *For those of you who don't know, same principle as a s'more but with marshmallow, caramel, and saltines* 

Yummy yummy dessert!

It was the perfect little weekend get-away and provided some much needed relaxation for us as we arrive at the end of another semester of school!  I really needed the mental relaxation of being in a different environment because my schedule has gotten crazy this past month with school projects and papers as classes wrap up, and I've started back at work unexpectedly because they desperately needed me! (This means my typical day during the week is wake up, class, work, rush to class, class, rush back to work, work; die slowly after 6 when both of us get off work and we have no idea what to do for dinner) Oh how I miss the simple days of merely being enrolled in 19 hours! But I take heart knowing there's only one week of classes left, then finals week. Then school will be out for the summer! Woohoo! (Meaning my day will turn back into somewhat normal and I'll be able to function well again.)

I recently started reading a book titled The Ninevah Project which seems to be tying in Biblical prophecies from the book of Nahum into modern-day terrorism and stopping it. A different type of book from what I normally read, but I'm giving it a shot. I'll keep you posted on how it goes (if I remember to that is).

From Marissa, with love.