Sunday, September 21, 2014

28 Weeks (almost) and Counting

Wow, does time fly! The month of September has been a major whirlwind. From school starting to moving, it has been one crazy month as we get settled in our new apartment. It is so nice to have extra space!! I'm loving having a more open living room and kitchen area. Plus, I love having more cabinet space for things so all of our cook/bakeware doesn't have to be crammed into one tiny little compartment.

Although both of our schedules have been busier with the start of school, I feel like I am constantly going NONSTOP. My typical day: wake up around 8, eat and get ready, drive down to campus for class, either stay in class all day or head to internship for the remainder of the day, and drive back home--arriving between 4-4:30 depending on the day. (Mon/Wed it's 4, all others it's 4:30) By the time I get home, ALL I want to do is sleep. Or just lounge on the couch. Or read a book. Or watch tv. Not plan dinner. Not do dishes or other household things. Not do homework/projects or even think about them. You get the idea. Graham is pretty busy during part of the week (first half: on Mon/Tues he's in class from 9-4, on Wed/Thur it's 9-11:30 and then he is off on Fridays), so we have come up with a division of duties so that I don't go totally crazy. He basically takes care of everything during the week and I cover the weekend (for things like dishes, tidying up the apartment, trash, checking the mail, etc). We typically plan and prepare dinner together most nights though. It is working well so far!

26 weeks; taken Sept 10

So on Tuesday, Sept 23 I will be 28 weeks! CRAZY. I should have looked at my previous post so I put things in the same order, but ohhh well. I'm too lazy for that ;)
*Weight gain: about 15 pounds
*My health status: doing just fine, check ups are going normally and such. But boy, am I tired! Walking up the hill multiple times a day wears me out (I'm talking from one edge of campus to the other to get from the Institute building where I park to class in the HPER back up the hill to the Institute for Book of Mormon class and then back to the HPER for class and then finally back up the hill again to get to the car so I can come home). THAT'S A LOT OF WALKING UPHILL FOLKS. And it's not getting any easier because I just keep packing on the pounds!! Also, because of my busy schedule I am unable to nap during the day (which by 2pm I am realllly wishing that I could). So I've adjusted by sleeping 10 hours at night. Seriously. I go to bed by 10pm and don't wake up until 8am. (with the exception of waking up every. single. time. I. roll. over.)
*Size of baby: Baby Girl A weighs an estimated 2ish pounds at this point and is about 15 inches long from head to toe.
*Cravings: ICECREAM. Mostly just that. Oh, and icecream.
*Aversions: Nothing new, still not a fan of eggs, pizza, or hotdogs
*Nursery Status: It's getting there! We have most of the furniture in place, we just need to get the recliner from Graham's parents' house and then I am getting the changing table/dresser in October when we go visit my parents. I'm grouping things as we get them, but I won't do any full on organization and placement of things until the end of October when baby showers are finished. (And speaking of baby showers, how blessed are we?? We had one up here, plus Montessori threw me a joint shower with the other pregnant ladies that work there even though I had to quit in August because of school, AND the ladies at the American Heart Association are going to throw me a shower AND I'm having one down in Cabot! Heavenly Father must know that we are on a strict budget and need all the help we can get)

I'll post more pictures of the nursery after it gets slightly more organized and once the furniture is all in place how I want it. For now, this one will just have to do. I know you can't really read the quotes that are in the picture frames, but you can check out my Nursery Board on Pinterest and find the quotes I used there! (One is from Narnia, one from Harry Potter, one from Lord of the Rings, and one from the Doctrine and Covenants)

As far as any other crafty things I have done....well.... I haven't. I've been busy, you read the first part of the post right? So you know that! I did make some curtains for our bedroom just yesterday. They are green with white microdots. They are currently thumb-tacked into the wall because we don't have a curtain rod yet. Classy. Hah. They give our room this eerie green glow. I feel like it gives me a sense of what it would be like to live in Hogwarts down in the Slytherin dungeons. Graham really likes it. (Most likely because he is a Slytherin...heh)

Since I now have 30ish minutes of a commute getting to school and back, I have now started listening to the Dave Ramsey show every day. I have the iheartradio app on my phone and listen to the Dave Ramsey channel on there which just replays the previous "episode" on repeat until the new one comes on each day at 4pm. Sometimes I hear a few of the same calls, but mostly it works out great and I get to hear financial advice for an hour each day! Yes. I am a nerd. I think he teaches really great things, he isn't afraid of telling it like it is, and the show always has a scripture of the day (normally from Proverbs). And anytime someone asks how he is, his reply is always "better than I deserve" which causes me to reflect on my own life. What a great perspective to have! I really am better than I deserve because I have a loving Heavenly Father who is constantly looking out for me and Graham. We've been incredibly blessed. Opportunities and blessings are out there, sometimes all it takes is looking for them.

From Marissa, with love