Tuesday, January 27, 2015


If the title wasn't enough of a clue for you, this post is all about pictures! I've taken more on my phone than I thought I would initially. I think this is mostly due to two things: 1) She is so dang cute! and 2) Mom and Michelle have requested a "picture a day"--I remember to send one most days. Sometimes this sleep-deprived Mom can only do so much though!

So this post is for the rest of you--the ones that don't get to see this darling angel very often and that aren't part of the "picture a day" initiative.

Here goes nothing :)

At the hospital:


First days at home: 



Photo shoot! And when you see the one with the obnoxiously huge flower---blame Michelle. Hehe. She ordered a package of those headbands without realizing just how large the flowers were. Mom insisted we take a picture with one on. Also, please be sure to admire the great cheeks and awesome double-chin that make several appearances.


More at home that first week:

This is one of my absolute favorites


Christmas Day: 


Another one of my favorites :) 

My mom having fun when she was alone with Evie: 

And, of course, some Harry Potter ones that Mom wanted to take (I believe Michelle fed her the idea for the Quidditch one): 

First Bath:

Love this onesie that was a gift from Graham's cousins. Although I do take slight offense to the assumption that neither Graham or myself have magic... Heh. 

This is how she looks as she is waking up: 

Don't let that peaceful face ever fool you. She is plotting something! Most likely how to make us think she is asleep up until the moment we put her down.

More cuteness :) These are a prime example of what a "picture a day" picture looks like.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed this instillation of the blog. I mean, I don't know how you couldn't seeing as how she is a drop dead cutie!

Shout out to Graham's Aunt Courtney and his Mama for actually providing me with suggestions for Netflix per my request in the previous post. I'm on the last season of Merlin you guys...and it's not going to last much longer. I was serious when I asked for your Netflix advice!

From Marissa, with love.

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