Tuesday, April 7, 2015

San Antonio: Spring Break 2015

We had the amazing opportunity to go visit Graham's extended family for Spring Break. It was great! Unfortunately, this was the first time we were able to get back down to San Antonio since we've been married. Life was just crazy with school, work, and the cost of gas! But finally we were able to make it down there. And boy does Graham love Texas. He sees a beauty in the land that I just don't see. Growing up in Arkansas has me loving all things green and trees and the like. Texas...is well....it's different. I can say that I loved the blue bonnets though! (Unfortunately they only seemed to be blooming along the major roads, so we were unable to get any pictures. Maybe when we go down again in a few weeks for a wedding??)

We stayed with Graham's grandparents from his mom's side (Mama and Papa) in Boerne, which is just outside of San Antonio. All of Graham's aunts and uncles (and cousins) from his dad's side of the family live in San Antonio, and we were able to visit with them throughout the week as well.

We drove down on Saturday, March 21. Evie did better than I had thought, even though she didn't take any extended naps (most were 30 min- 1 hour long) and she only had two periods (about 30 min each time) where she was constantly screaming. The rest of the trip she was either happily playing with her octopus, making faces and being silly with me, sleeping, or just a little bit fussy (typically before it was time to eat and sleep). We pulled into Mama and Papa's driveway at 9pm. It had been a long day, and it felt good to be able to sleep stretched out instead of in the back seat of the car. Evie also enjoyed being out of her car seat.

On Sunday we slept in and then went to church in a ward in Boerne. One of the things that I love about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is that no matter where you go, you can search on lds.org and find a church building and meeting times for Sunday. The lessons are the same, just as the gospel is the same throughout the world. The people there were friendly and very welcoming. That night we went to Aunt Ellen and Uncle Richard's house to get together with everyone for dinner. Silly me though, I didn't take a single picture that day! (I don't think I took any on Monday either. By Tuesday I realized and started getting pictures!) It was a fun night and was great to see everyone all together on our first day there.

On Monday we had a relaxing day and got together with Chris and Melissa for dinner. (Graham's Aunt and Uncle, but seeing as they are a bit younger than my older sister, it's odd for me to think of them as an aunt and uncle, hah.) We had dinner at Alamo Cafe, another must for Graham while down in San Antonio. Tex-Mex food is comfort food for him, and I enjoy it as well so I don't mind it one bit! They were so excited to get one on one time with Evie, and she did pretty well while in the restaurant. She did start to get fussy (and hungry) because I totally lost track of time! Luckily she crashed on the car ride home, so we didn't have to deal with screaming for the 30 minute drive.

Tuesday was another fun day. We went to Fredericksburg for the day, and it was awesome. Graham and I went on our honeymoon in Fredericksburg (we stayed in a bed and breakfast that was really neat) so it was fun to go back there to walk the streets and go into some of the same shops. We got lunch first thing while we were there (late nights mean late mornings and late starts to the day!) at The Fredericksburg Brewery for some hearty German food. Then we walked around more (we were fortunate to be able to borrow a stroller from Mama and Papa's neighbor, so it was easy-peasy walking around that day) and bought some things: new wallet for Graham, another diaper for Evie to try out, fudge (heath bar!), ice-cream (Graham got a thin mint cone and I got caramel turtle something--it was good, but had a complicated name), and a few other odds and ends. We left around 4 and then regrouped before doing dinner at the Moralez's house again. Another fun evening: Graham took Sophia to play basketball and then played with his cousin Taylor and Uncle Chris for a while after Sophia had to get ready for bed; I talked with everyone else and we put our feet in the hot tub for a bit before leaving and heading back home for the night.

With our ice-cream (you can only see my spoon though)

Wednesday and Thursday were both very special days for us, as Graham and I took the opportunity to go to the San Antonio Temple both of those days. It was extra special for us because this is the temple that we were married (and sealed) in. We took some pictures there with Evie too. We even tried to recreate one of our fun wedding pictures, but with Evie in it this time. I'll post both (if I remember) so you have the comparison. You can definitely tell that Ethan's camera was far better than mine! For both of those nights we stayed in Boerne for dinner, but we did lunch at EZ's pizza (the final place on Graham's "must have" food places while in Texas) on Thursday. We also met up with Chris and Melissa at Once Upon a Child and got some great things.

For our final day in San Antonio, I wanted to do at least one thing in the city. We decided to go visit the Japanese Tea Gardens. It was incredibly beautiful there. We enjoyed the cool morning and gorgeous surroundings with our little family and took lots of pictures (Evie is not a fan of the bright sunlight). Then we headed back to Boerne for lunch. We did lunch at the senior center that his Mama and Papa are members of. Papa is in a band and they play there at lunch once a month. It was so fun! Everyone loved Evie and wanted to see her and ask us lots of questions about her. We had another relaxing afternoon (nap included!) and then everyone came to Boerne for dinner on our last night. It was so much fun to get together with everyone at once again before we left. Dinner was yummy, the guys enjoyed watching the Spurs game on TV, and lots of us girls enjoyed doing "dance class" with Sophia. That girl has talent! Before everyone left, Graham and his cousin Hanna sang together. Before that night, Graham had never heard the song and they only practiced together twice before performing it for us. It was incredible though.

We made it home in 11 1/2 hours which was great (compared to the 13 getting to San Antonio), but we were sad to leave. Evie did really well on the car ride back and slept for the majority of the time. She only really got upset when we were an hour and a half from home. She probably cried for an hour of that time (with a 30 min nap in the middle of it). Even though we miss our San Antonio family, it was nice to be home and sleep in our own bed again.

Last week was definitely an adjustment week for Evie and we are still working on her naps now (she was held for nearly all of her naps or took them in the car while we were gone that week). I've also decided to cut the pacifier out of the naptime routine. So it's a little rough to say the least. Keep us in your thoughts! She did take a one and a half hour nap today in her crib though! (That hour of crying before she crashed really wore her out.)

It's a good thing she's so cute! 

From Marissa, with love.