Thursday, August 13, 2015

Daily Life Update #1

Hello again! I feel like it has been forever since I have done a blog post. I have lots and lots of pictures that I always want to share, but I don't feel like I have much to say. Not that we haven't been doing just seems like my normal day to day things wouldn't be terribly interesting. However, I decided that I will go ahead and post from time to time and just call these posts "daily life update(s)." Maybe they are interesting to you? Let me know in the comments and I can do these on a more regular basis if only for the sake of getting more Evie pictures to everyone :)


Evie has started to crawl! Her favorite things to crawl towards? Shoes, the modem and router (they have lights!), the surge protector (so many fun wires to play with), phones/computers (again with the lights, plus she sees people using them alllll the time), and people. I love it when she will come crawl into my lap when I am playing with her. She especially does that when she is getting sleepy, which is all the more cuter.

Evie is also a food lover. I mean seriously. She is not even 8 months old yet, I still breastfeed her as much as I did before she started eating solid food, and she will eat a ton. The other day for dinner we had pancakes and she ate two pancakes, 3/4 of a banana, and a tiny bowl of strawberries. By that time everyone else was done with dinner so I started to wipe her down and she cried because she didn't want to be all done eating. Fingers crossed that these good eating habits will last ;)

Evie has also....*drum roll please*...started sleeping through the night! Can a get a chorus of angels singing, please?? She goes to bed between 7:30-9 (yes, that's a big time gap, depends on whether Graham is working that day or not) and will sleep until 7ish. Occasionally she will wake up around 4 or 5, but all I have to do is pick her up and calm her, then when I put her back in her crib she rolls right over and falls back asleep. This is a fairly recent happening, so I don't feel like I have caught back up on sleep yet, but I am starting to feel more like a human again.

Other tidbits about Evie

  • She loves straws and will suck/blow air through them
  • She makes lots of fun sounds, the most recent being an "oooh, oooh" sort of like an owl or monkey
  • She loves shoes! She always seems to crawl for them and wants to eat them
  • Her favorite foods include banana, blueberries, strawberries, muffins, bread, cucumber, potatoes, watermelon, broccoli--okay, let's be real: she loves just about anything we can give to her :) 
  • When she wakes up she is almost always happy--she'll smile really big and start kicking her legs all over the place because she gets so excited
  • She is a thumb sucker! She started around 4 or 5 months old and hasn't let up. It's incredibly cute and she will suck her thumb mostly when she is just waking up or when she is getting sleepy
  • She loves the water and spending time splashing in the pool or in the bath


I have been doing pretty well at meeting my 4 day goal working out each week! (more about that in this post) I mostly do zumba videos on Youtube (the channel I like is called "RefitRev") or Pop Pilates videos from this blog called Blogilates. I like being able to mix up my routine so I don't get bored doing the exact same video every. single. day. Graham and I went on a bike ride yesterday, so that was a fun way to mix it up as well :) It was only in the low 80s yesterday so we had to take advantage of that beautiful summer weather. Once it starts getting cooler, I will probably add in some running (I'm a wimp when it comes to running in the heat--especially when I am trying to get back into running). My sister gave us her jogger stroller, so I will be able to go out with Evie on the walking/biking trail near our house this fall.

Ummm...what else have I been up to? I'm trying to stay in a fairly consistent habit of cleaning/tidying up the apartment. Mostly I'll be walking around and see something that needs to be cleaned and go "oh, I should get on that. That will be my chore of the day for tomorrow!" (And most of the time I do actually do it the next day.) I've also been trying to meal plan more consistently, and I take advantage of using the crock pot any time I can so I don't have to heat up the apartment with the stove top or oven.

I'm also working on hanging out with people more. That might sound funny, but it is so easy to get into a habit of only seeing other people at church on Sunday. You'll remember from this post that seeing others/talking with others was one of my goals. I've still been Skyping with April (and am so excited for her--she'll be teaching second grade this year and she is going to the be the best teacher ever!!!), and I've scheduled a Skype date with Olivia (another friend from high school) for next week, so I am excited about that as well. Isn't it strange how we have so many tools at our disposal to stay connected, but it somehow feels harder? It's easy to scroll through someone's Facebook or Instagram and feel like you know what's going on, but it's just not the same! Anyone else in this same boat? Just me?

In addition to my Skype dates to stay connected with "old" friends, I'm trying to make new ones as well. This has been a challenge for me. Simply because I have to work harder at it. It's easy to say that I miss my old friends and being able to see them all of the time, but it's hard to make the effort to branch out and make new friends. I don't plan on kicking out the "old" ones (refer back to the Skype sessions with April and Olivia!), but I think it is important for me to have friends where I live now so I can still have a girls night/day from time to time. Recently I was able to go have a girls day with a new friend from church while Graham watched Evie. We watched Bride Wars, made homemade icecream, and got to know each other a little bit better. So much fun! And very much needed. I'm also starting to get a group of moms together once a week over at our apartment. I had been hesitant to start something like this because Evie's naps are different every day, but then I thought "well, if I am the one to organize it, it can be at my house and then Evie can nap if she needs to!"


Graham has been working really hard at his job--he works in the ICU as a nurse assistant at a nearby hospital. He often will pick up an extra shift (nearly every week he works an extra day), because he loves his job and wants to be able to take advantage of overtime pay in order to boost our savings. Have I mentioned lately that I love him and how hard he works to provide for our family so I can stay home with Evie?? 12 hour shifts at the hospital are exhausting (and anyone who has ever done that can agree I'm sure!), but he always comes home happy to see me and the baby and after dinner he gives Evie her bath. And boy, does she love her daddy! When he walks through the door she lights up and smiles and gets all sorts of excited (even if the moment before she was sitting on my lap crying and not wanting to be comforted).

I am proud to announce that Graham has also started eating 3 meals each day ;) Not that he ever wasn't eating enough, it just typically occurred between the hours of 4 and 10 pm most days. On days that he works now he takes breakfast and lunch with him, we eat dinner when he gets home, and sometimes he'll have a "snack" before bed. I use the term "snack" loosely, because sometimes it consists of a bowl of popcorn, two smoked sausages on buns, a banana with peanut butter, and a bowl of icecream. Note: those things all happen during the same "snack" session, not on different nights. With the amount of walking/lifting he does at work though, it's not surprising that he eats so much!

Graham has also enjoyed going to the pool this summer to swim and soak up the sun. He likes taking Evie with him and she loves going!

This little one is my life right now, and I couldn't be happier! She is so cute and happy and sweet all rolled into the chubbiest-cheeked baby around. She lights up our life and reminds Graham and I to be happy and focus on the here and now. 

Also, the other day I was listening to a CD I got from church with Primary songs on it for the year. One of the songs, "Gethsemane," was one that I had never heard before but I absolutely loved it. It isn't in the Children's Songbook, but I think the message that it teaches about Christ is extremely powerful. I found this video on YouTube when I was trying to find it online and all I can say is wow. I know it's not Easter season or Christmas, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity to share something that helped bring me closer to Christ. I hope you will take the next couple minutes out of your day to watch this, and I know that if you do you will be able to feel the Holy Ghost and draw closer to Christ. 

Until next time,