Monday, March 7, 2016

Evie Pictures

So you guys...I am realizing that 2 posts a month right now is too much for me. And it's only March! I haven't decided yet if I will try and keep up with it for the rest of the year, or if I will just go down to posting once a month. However, I didn't want to get to the last week of the month (like I did in January and February...) without having posted anything, so I am going to post a bunch of random Evie pictures (and maybe videos?) from the past few months. I've posted pictures here and there, but not a ton. If you don't care to look at a bunch of pictures of my little girl, that's totally fine! I won't be offended. But let's be real. She's super cute. :)

Pictures from her one-year-old photo shoot (December 2015):


Pictures from her Birthday party (December 2015): 

January 2016: 

February 2016:

Well, there you have it! I made sure to include a video as well, since I mentioned doing so. The video is of Evie with her Uncle Bob, while we were down visiting my family in February. 

xoxo, Marissa