Saturday, June 25, 2016

Daily Life Update #5

It's been a few months since I've done one of these, so I thought it might be a good time to share some pictures and little snippets from what daily life looks like right now for us. If you want to check out the other posts in this series, here are some links: first, second, thirdfourth.


Right now this cute little girl is 18 months old! I cannot believe it. She is growing up so fast! She is taking only one nap a day (typically 1.5 hours, but sometimes on rare occasion as long as 2.5 hours), except for a random day here or there when she is acting super tired by 11:30am. She is still a fantastic sleeper, loves her bear to death, and still loves food! She is also starting to get quite talkative. I feel like she is learning new words every day. Some of the words she can say (she understands way more of course) are: mama and dada, yes, no, night-night, bye, hi (which she says "hi-ya!"), cheese, more, help, please, up, book, baby, nana and papa, and Evie (it's so cute to hear her say her name when she sees a picture of herself...or really any picture...haha). I'm sure there are even more than that, but that is all I can think of on the spot. She also knows several animal sounds as well (snake, monkey, owl, lion, sheep, cow, dog, cat, duck, bird...possibly others, hah).

We have started going to the pool again and Evie still loves the water! She loves to splash, "swim," and even go under or put her face into the water to blow bubbles. It makes Graham's heart happy to have her love the water so much! The weather has been wacky (weirdly cool or rainy) so we haven't come up with our "pool schedule" for this year yet. (You'll remember last year I took Evie to the pool every afternoon before her 2nd nap.)

Evie still loves reading (which makes my heart happy) and will sometimes grab a book and sit with her bear and/or baby in her lap and flip through the pages. It is darling! Some of my favorite times are when she sits in my lap with a book, then after we read it she goes and picks out another. It is the best!

She is getting incredibly independent, and loves to help with anything and everything as well. When I am being patient, those are great qualities ;)


For those of you who don't know, Graham broke his right thumb (yes, he is right-handed) while on a bike ride on May 21st. Thankfully his parents were able to watch Evie for us while I took him to Urgent Care. He was blessed to run into one of the doctors who specializes in hands while at work the following week. (This was also the only day Graham has worked since the accident, because he is on "light duty" due to his hand's condition.) The doctor told Graham to come in that Friday for him to look at it further. That Friday at his appointment, the doctor asked Graham if he wanted surgery that very same day! Thankfully his parents were available to watch Evie for us again that day so I could take him to surgery. (I seriously don't know what we would do without them here!) Surgery went well and he has been fitted for a splint that he'll wear for 6 weeks. We are feeling incredibly blessed. Thank you so much to everyone who offered prayers on his behalf! 

Graham has completed this semester of school, leaving only two semesters until he graduates with his RN! He is excited to be done for the semester and to only have work on his plate for the summer. Since he hasn't really been able to work much because of his hand the past two weeks, Graham has enjoyed lots of time at the pool, playing computer games, playing with Evie, and helping around the apartment (like cleaning random areas on the fridge that I didn't even notice needed cleaning!). 


I am still on my reading kick. I've adjusted my goal to read 20 books this year up to 35. I might change it again, hah. I've already finished 23 books so far! It's amazing how you find time to read when you'll just do it instead of spending time on Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram (whatever your social media of choice is) or watching Netflix for hours at night. I typically get a little bit of reading time in during Evie's nap (during the first part of her nap I try to clean a little bit and take care of anything around the house), and then I'll read for an hour or two at the end of the night. As I'm writing this right now I'm realizing that I didn't do the dishes yet because our night-time routine was off from the norm tonight....yikes. Well, to the dishes I go!

Evie and I recently got back from a trip to Seattle to visit my sister and her family. Don't worry, I'll have a post on that eventually full of all the details (including on the Harry Potter party we threw) and lots and lots of pictures!

Love you all! xoxo, Marissa 

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