Thursday, December 1, 2016

Daily Life Update #6

Eek! Another month has come and gone. Time is seriously flying by you guys! I know December will pass in a whirlwind as well. We are trying to be intentional about our calendar this year and making sure we don't over-schedule ourselves with all of the Christmas parties/get-togethers. Evie also has several friends with birthdays at this time as well (and her birthday is coming up too!), so we could easily find ourselves overbooked.

I thought I would pop in with this quick little post to give a brief update on how we are doing! I'm planning on doing a pregnancy post in the near future as well (so...January...hah!), so keep your eyes open for that if you're interested.


This girl is growing up so fast on me! She is seriously the sweetest though. Last night before she got into bed she wanted to "feel baby sister moving," and then she gave my belly a hug and a kiss, completely unprompted. Made my heart melt. I'm excited to get to see her as a big sister :)

She loves books, food, climbing, walks in the stroller (especially if we find golf balls), and exercising with Mommy. We bought her a pocket-sized Book of Mormon while we were in San Antonio and she loves reading her scriptures. When we sit on the couch to read scriptures with her before bed, she grabs her book and snuggles up close, turning through the pages. It's adorable!

Some other favorites include jackets (as long as they meet three criteria: hood, zipper, pockets), "no," and helping me with anything and everything (dishes, cooking, folding laundry, starting the washing machine, starting the dishwasher).

We just put up our Christmas tree and Evie loves it. She asks "Mommy, plug in Christmas lights, please?" (Which comes out "Mommy, pug in kiss-mas ights pease?" in case you're curious.)


I'm pregnant! Hah. Some days I forget until I bend over to pick something up or I'm trying to stand up from sitting on the floor with Evie. Little baby girl is super active (especially when I lay down at night) and is growing well. I'm to the point where I have check-ups every two weeks. I just know that she will be here before I know it!

I'm working on being "better" about sweets...again... This is a common issue I deal with, hah. Right now I am doing treats every other day. My goal is to get down to just twice a week, but it's December. So many tasty treats to be made, parties to attend, and pounds to gain ;) hahahah.

I'm still reading in The Wheel of Time series. I'm about to finish up book 6. Before I start #7 I am going to read The Best Yes for the book club I'm hosting at my place in January. I'm really liking this series, but it is very much a big time commitment which is why I hadn't read them before now (I first heard about the series when I was finishing up high school).


He has been a hunting fiend this deer season! ;) So far he has 3 deer to his name: one doe, one button buck, and one buck. He has been enjoying every weekend down at his parents property since the season opened in order to put away some great meat for this next year!

Graham is almost done with this semester of Nursing School (finals are the week of December 12th), and then he only has one semester left! So close! On his time off from school he has dance parties with Evie, plays on the computer, and excitedly awaits for new episodes of The Grand Tour each week (I finally remembered the name and didn't just refer to it as "the new Top Gear show.")


We recently returned from a trip to San Antonio for Thanksgiving. It was so fun to see Graham's extended family (on both of his parents' sides) and to be in San Antonio again! We took Evie to see the San Antonio temple one day, but we mostly stayed in and enjoyed time catching up with extended family. Evie had a blast with her "cousins" (Graham's cousins that are younger) and did great on the trip both ways.

One thing we are doing to celebrate Christmas this year is the LIGHTtheWORLD advent calendar. Each day focuses on something Jesus did, and provides ways that we can be like Jesus in that way. You can go to to watch the video that introduces the idea, and download the calendar here.

Love you all and hope you have a Merry Christmas!

xoxo, Marissa

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