Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Baby #2 Pregnancy "Update"

I say "update" because I haven't posted anything singularly about this pregnancy. #secondchildproblems Hah. Mostly because I haven't really been posting much of anything. But, I told myself I would pull it together and at least do one post where I could show some side by side pictures from both pregnancies. I really should have renamed the picture files with how far along I was at the time, because it was a pain going back to figure it out for each picture. *sigh*

Pictures of Baby #2 on left, Baby #1 on right 

13 weeks with Baby #2; 14.5 weeks with Baby #1

15 weeks Baby #2; 15.5 weeks Baby #1

18.5 weeks Baby #2; 18.5 weeks Baby #1 

24 weeks Baby #2; 25 weeks Baby #1 

29 weeks Baby #2; 28.5 weeks Baby #1 

31 weeks Baby #2; 32 weeks Baby #1

35 weeks Baby #2; 34 weeks Baby #1


  • Weight gain: at 37 weeks I have gained approximately 30-35 pounds 
  • Stretch marks: NONE. Woohoo! Thank you, lotion. 
  • Aversions: Nothing really that stands out. Burgers haven't been particularly appealing, but I'll still eat them. Mostly I am sick of all food because I have to eat constantly. 
  • Cravings: Sugar? Hah. I have a serious sweet tooth and Christmas sweets did nothing to help that out. 
  • Baby's position: She is head down! When I had my anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks, she was breech. At my appointment at 34 weeks...still breech! At my 36 week appointment my doctor used a bedside ultrasound to check the baby's position and she had turned on her own! We are thankful each day that she turned (we would have tried a version procedure if she hadn't turned on her own, in an effort to prevent a c-section) 
  • Baby's name: We have a name picked out, but we aren't sharing :) We've told family the middle name, as we had that picked out before we knew Baby #2 was a girl! (We also had/have a middle name picked out for a boy.) 
  • Movement: This girl is crazy active. I'm talking lots of gymnastics going on in there. It's so fun to feel her kicking around though. 
  • Complaints: Back pain. I have this one spot between my shoulder blades that is constantly aching. I've been doing some prenatal yoga (I try to do it each night before bed if I don't get a chance during the day) and I've noticed that it helps loosen the rest of my back. Unfortunately it does nothing for that one awful spot. 
  • Evie's thoughts: She loves to feel "baby sister moving" and will try to find where "baby sister's toesies" are. She will, unprompted, give baby sister a hug and kiss from time to time (melts my heart!). If you ask her where baby sister is growing she will say "in Mommy's uterus!" Sometimes she'll say "in Mommy's tummy" or come and point to my belly. Often she will pat her own tummy as well and say "baby sister growing." We have several books about new babies that we plan to bring out later this month to help with the transition as well. The other day I got out the carseat and washed the cover along with some newborn clothes and Evie helped me fold and put them away (after saying "baby sister wear this?") I love my Evie girl and know she will be such a great big sister! 

We are excited to get to meet our sweet little baby girl! 

Love you all,
xoxo Marissa 

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