Friday, October 12, 2018

Family Trip to the Beach

In the middle/end of September, we went to the beach for a week with two other families. It was so much fun and we all had a blast. I kept meaning to get pictures and a short post about our week up here and kept saying "oh, I'll get to that tomorrow, or in a couple of days." Well.  It's now one month later. I am getting to it eventually! I was finally getting to it and then our computer wouldn't recognize the USB drive for me to be able to upload any of my pictures from my phone. I might end up just emailing a couple of my favorites to myself so I can access them on the computer to add to this post. Super frustrating! (and bummer for you all if you were hoping to see lots of pictures, because I'm not going to do too many now that I'm having to save them this way) Thanks for your patience, because I know there are several of you that have been waiting for this to be finished.

We stayed for an entire week at a house right on the beach in Fort Morgan, Alabama. The weather was perfect (only one day really that it rained) and we filled our mornings and evenings out in the water. It took Elaina a day or two to get comfortable (and Evie too) in the water, but after she did there was no stopping her! She had her life jacket on and would just lay back, relaxing and floating in the water. Anytime I came near to bring her back to where we were, she would say "No, no no!" We had fun going out to the sandbar (one day there was a group of pelicans so close to us as we were going out!), watching schools of fish swim by, seeing the dolphins nearly every morning, finding crabs and seashells, building sandcastles and becoming sand mermaids. On top of all of that, dance parties among the five little girls there and loads of laughter, a treasure hunt, visits from the Beach Fairy, and eating lots of fun treats made our time at the beach a week to remember.

Also, I fell in love with Portrait Mode on the iPhone on this trip. Pretty much all of the best pictures were taken on Graham's phone (or on a friend's) that had Portrait Mode. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

xoxo, Marissa 

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